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Monday, July 12, 2010

Projects, Projects and more Projects!!!

It's been a while. The last many blog postings I have tried to post have turned out a little, um, negative, bitter, sad, angry, etc, so I didn't want to actually post them. Today's, other than the fact that my back is killing me, is not going to do that!

I have SO many projects going on. The first, and possibly most important, is that I have started going to the gym--consistently--in the morning!-which is a huge accomplishment for me, because I am generally neither a consistent person, nor a morning person. :) It has been a week, and I am already noticing differences! I feel much more energetic, definitely less anxious, and am also toning up a bit! :) Yay! My "regular jeans" were falling off of me a bit yesterday, and I think soon my "skinny jeans" will get to be my regular jeans! WooHOO! To anyone thinking about adopting a morning exercise regime, my friend Kim (who has, I really think, 4% body fat or something like that...) gave me great advice, as my excuse was always that I didn't want to get up to go in the morning. "Waking up only sucks for the first 15 minutes or so". Now, I know Matt has told me that millions of times, but it actually clicked this time. And she was SOOO right. It is so nice to get up, get moving and get stuff done, all before the day actually starts. I then don't have to worry about the fifty million reasons why I can't make it to the gym in the afternoon/evening, because I have already worked out that morning! Oh, not only that, but I am drinking massive amounts of water, which I know is good for me, and a lot less soda!

The next thing is that I get to go to Cranial Sacral Therapy this week. I am SUPER excited about this! I have not done any alternative therapies since I was going to my beloved Pam, and I am ready to get back in to it! My first appointment is on Wednesday. Very exciting stuff! I hope it works, and that I get regrowth again. I know its possibly impossible at this time, but I really want to try all I can to get at least some hair regrowth while Matt is gone. Eyebrows and lashes would be really nice! I am sick of getting dust, etc in my eyes all the time. I told someone the other day that I always have something in my eye, and half the time it is my fingers.

Speaking of dust, April and I are making a lot of dust around the house and yard lately as well. We are extending the driveway, and Chad (my brother) was gracious enough to help us dig it out. I still have a little more digging to do, and then I am finally ready to put down the fabric, pavers and rock. I can't wait for that to be done, because it is dug out enough that I don't want to park the truck in the back now for fear that I might accidentally go off the edge and scratch the bottom or mess something up. So, for now, we are moving vehicles constantly so one or the other of us can get out.

The other thing we are doing is planting a flower garden. We wanted a veggie garden too, but really missed the boat on that one, so flowers will do. I got almost all of the plants planted, but need to get one more rose bush, and plant some "trim" flowers to finish, then lay mulch. Oh, and edging. That would be nice. That should be it, unless we completely decide to take down the Holly tree, which is entirely a possibility. Don't worry, I won't take one down without planting at least one more, but probably two more, as that will open up lots of space!

I also made a "deployment project" list. Boy, I have lots of stuff on there. I have a big whiteboard full of the list of things I need to do. I am getting some crossed off the list, and I am sure that more will be added as we go on throughout the deployment. The projects keep me busy, and also keep my mind off of Matt being away. It also helps time go by faster. I know I am doing this for the both of us, because I tend to get a little weepy and whiney when I don't have a project going on. :) It definitely would get done faster if Matt were here, because he has more focus than I do, and also because we tend to keep each other "going", but it will get done nonetheless, which will allow us more time to do what we want instead of work on projects when he is home.

Oh, and of course, we are paying off bills left and right as well. That is SUCH a great feeling! By the time Matt gets home, we will be completely out of credit card debt, the motorcycle will be paid off, and we will be paying off our vehicles in huge chunks! That is a great feeling!

Well, that's it for now. Off to bed as I have an early workout in the morning!