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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Projects Update

Wow. I didn't realize it has been that long since I last posted. Hmmm.

Well, I actually am quite impressed with the amount of motivation that I have kept going. I have slowed down a bit the last two weeks, but that is more because I am exhausted. Oh, and it is hot. Hmm. Somehow I feel that I don't really have room to complain about that. My hubby is probably sweating right now reading this when he really just wants a nap. I love you baby!

Back to motivation. I have kept up with quite a few of the projects I started. For instance, working out. Wow. I am really impressing myself with this one. I didn't think it would ever happen! I have still been going to the gym regularly and consistently. Last week was the only really "bad" week I had, but I was not feeling the best. Anyway, when I went back to my personal trainer at the end of July, I had lost 5% body fat in just the first three weeks that I was working really hard! I go back again in about two weeks for my next visit to see where my progress is now. I don't really feel much 'stronger', but I can definitely see even more improvement in my shape and endurance. Also, I managed to buy two honeymoon swimsuits and actually like them both. That has NEVER happened before! I am taking a daily multi-vitamin and really focusing on trying to get healthy. It won't be too long before my health will mean the health of our new family..(Disclaimer- no definite plans for that just yet, just looking forward to the future! (: )

The CST is still going strong too. I did already see some results. I have "peach fuzz/baby hair" on the top of my head. I also have leg hair and arm hair again, which I haven't had for a while. I don't notice any eye brows or eye lashes coming in just yet, though. Well, I guess I have some really short eyelashes on my right eye. Something is going on, because I haven't had the problems with stuff in my eyes as badly as before. I still want to see lots more growth and maybe someday it will all come back. If not, well, no worries for me, finally, as my husband loves me for who I am, and so do my friends and family. If my experiment doesn't work, oh well. I feel better and healthier by going, so with or without hair, I think the CST is a positive experience for me.

The driveway. Welllllll, the driveway hasn't had much progress since the last time I posted. This summer has been very hot. In fact, I feel a bit guilty for having my brother shovel all the dirt out that he did in the heat that we had. Looking back, that day was HOT! There still have been many more hot days just like it, so I haven't gotten anything more accomplished on that. No worries, though. Dad and Chad both said that they would help me finish it up before Matt gets home for R&R. I want absolutely nothing to tease his mind to knock out a project while he is home and supposed to be resting. They will all be done!

Oh yeah, I forgot about my bathroom project (as I was looking through for pictures to post to make this more interesting, ha ha)! I have a semi-large master bathroom, but it is separated in to a vanity room and a shower/toilet room. I actually do like this separation, but it makes the space seem so small. I hung shelves in the bathroom so that I could open what little bit of cabinet space we have in the vanity room, and so that I don't have to freak out every time I forget to bring a towel in to the shower with me! Nice, huh? I am pretty proud of this one. I used the drill and everything!

The flowers. April and I did get a beautiful flower bed in the front yard, and after about a week, well, maybe two, got mulch down on it to finish it off. It looks really pretty. We decided not to take down the Holly tree at this time, but that might be a "someday" project. Definitely not for this year. I also put up a white picket fence in front of our yard. Man. I really need to be better at getting pictures of this stuff! It does look nice.¨

I still have a huge list of projects to do before Matt gets home. We have a new puppy in the house (April's Yorkie, Stella) so she is keeping us plenty busy as well. Some of my projects are those that I will need to do several times before he comes home (like shampoo carpets and clean the garage), but some I can knock out before he comes home. I can't believe we only have about two months until he is home for R&R! How exciting!

Oh- and the final project- paying off the bills. Well, we are down to the last three revolving credit accounts that are not student loans, vehicles or the mortgage. Matt and I are certain that we can pay all three of them off while he is gone. I am so excited! This is definitely a positive of the deployment--getting out of debt. It is weird how much our paychecks can really start working for us, instead of them just going right back through the bank to pay someone else. Well, I am assuming. We haven't gotten to that part just quite yet, but soon enough! We are able to pay bigger and bigger chunks on the bills and get those paid down so that we don't have to worry about the income anymore, as long as we have one! We can pay bills now without batting an eye that would have possibly paralyzed us last year for a moment! And it is because we are getting out of our debt! What a GREAT feeling!
Overall, I think I am over my deployment slump. We officially hit the half way mark this week, and are now getting to countdown. The hard part is over, and now we get to look forward to him coming home! We have only several weeks until his R&R and our honeymoon, and two wonderful weeks together, then a final push for a few months. Then, my husband comes home to me! What a wonderful feeling that will be!

(And finally, I can't figure out how to make it not underline at the top. Just sayin') :)

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