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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wagstaff Family Time

This week, I am in Utah, visiting Matt's family. So far, we have had a great time, and have more planned. More pictures to come as the week continues.

When I got to the airport, I was picked up in style! Ron brought his new Corvette. Boy can that thing fly! It is a gorgeous hunter green. It feels really low after being in Matt's truck, or even my car, but it is fast!

On Sunday, we went to Jason and Amanda's. I got to see baby Addison for the first time! She is so sweet! I also got to play with Makayla and Kaden for a bit. They wanted to play hide and seek. It was so much fun! I need to get another closer picture of Addison. She is absolutely beautiful! Of course, I also want to get some pictures of the rest of the family as well, so that Matt can see them on the blog or Facebook or something. I will be sure to get those this week as well.

On Saturday, we get to go to a Bridal Expo for the new bride-to-be! Cassie and D are getting married next spring/summer, when Matt gets home. I am so happy for them! I didn't get a picture of Kacey yet, either. They were having so much fun playing!

Of course, we have eaten a lot. That is good. I told Suzanne that I get to eat what I want this week. When I get home, then it is really time for me to buckle down, as we officially have a midtour date, and we are hoping to go somewhere tropical for our delayed honeymoon. Luckily, the food that we have eaten has been pretty healthy. Well, other than the super pies that we have been eating, but that is okay. All in moderation, right?
Anyway, I am excited to get more pictures to share. This has been a great time so far. It is so nice to see Matt's family. I have missed him, of course, but it has been easier this week with his family around. It is so great to see them all! I am so lucky that I feel such a part of his family, even when he is not here.

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