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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Her Misses Her Daddy

This is an old picture, but this is pretty much what she has been doing. Well, this and eating things that she shouldn't be. She has been quite chewy lately. I suppose it is stress. She misses her Daddy.

The first few days after Matt left, Lily was looking around every room, every time I came home. It is like she thought I had him stuffed in my purse or something. She misses him. Every day I pet her real hard and say "You have to pet her real hard so that she knows that you love her". That is what her Daddy says. She likes that, but I think that she misses her daddy's big hands that can pet her. She misses snuggling with him.

Lily lays on Matt's side of the bed during the day while I am working, or right before bedtime. She still grumps when I climb in to bed, though, and jumps up to go to her bed.

It was funny the other night when Matt called me, I put the phone on speaker phone so that she could hear him talk. She looked behind her, above her, to her sides. When I turned off the speaker phone, she pawed at the phone. I am going to have him record his voice in a doll and send it back to me. Maybe she won't chew this one up! I have also asked him to send some shirts that he has worn to put on her bed. She has not chewed those up, as we have sent them with her when she boards at the vet from time to time.

I can't wait until he comes home. I bet she will be SOOO excited! I know I will be!

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