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Monday, March 8, 2010

What's a girl to do?

My husband uses security to the max. I love him for it. I feel so much safer because of it, and he has helped me establish some good security habits as well.

However, here is my dilemma. He has this massive key chain that houses all of the keys for his locks. I had April take this picture because it was funny. And somehow, he knows which key goes to what, and they all look the same to me! We have keys and locks for EVERYTHING!

Maybe Matt is teaching me patience while he is away. :) Any time I need to get in to anything, I will have to systematically go through the keys. See, he is always looking out for my best interests! :)


  1. Looks a few keys short! LOL! I love you, baby! If you ask nice I will tell you which key goes to what. :)

  2. ha ha, Honey. I thought that was part of my patience training! :) You should have seen me trying to lock the tool chest. :) I love you!